The docks are the setting of several works about the life of trade unionist Jules Durand, a coalman wrongly accused in 1910 of being behind the death of a strikebreaker, including Boulevard Durand by Armand Salacrou (Gallimard, 1960), L’affaire Quinot : un forfait judiciaire by Émile Danoën (CNT, 2010), Un nommé Durand by Alain Scoff (J-C Lattès, 1984), and Les Quais de la colère by Philippe Huet (Albin Michel, 2005).

Jean Rolin’s novel Terminal Frigo, published by POL in 2005, relates the history of dockers in the 20th century in several major ports, including Le Havre.

The docks warehouses are still standing. Today’s “docks area” is now used for commercial, university and cultural activities, including the annual literature festival  LE GOÛT DES AUTRES (“The Taste of Others”).