The Villa Maritime was mentioned by various contemporary writers. It is linked to the rich cultural life of Le Havre in the first decades of the 20th century, including in the interwar period, and to Armand Salacrou.
In his autobiographical novel L’Été 76 (2011), contemporary writer Benoît Duteurtre relates his teenage years in Le Havre. As an apprentice writer, the teenage narrator shows curiosity for the Villa Maritime and admiration for its old owner. With the clumsiness of his youth, he shows his first verses to Armand Salacrou.
In Le Roman du Havre (2011), an essay about Le Havre, contemporary writer Yoland Simon recalls his memories of the Villa and his encounter with playwright Armand Salacrou, whose work he links closely to the specificities of Le Havre.
In Phillippe Huet’s thriller Quai de l’Oubli (1992), Gustave Masurier stops in front of the Villa Maritime where Armand Salacrou is ending his days.
The Villa Maritime appears in Raoul Dufy’s (1877-1953 painting La plage du Havre et la villa maritime(1906).