STENDHAL Henri Beyle

Stendhal, born Henri Beyle (1783-1842) was a French writer whose works are at a crossroads between Romanticism and Realism.
His various jobs, including his position as a secretary at the Ministry of War, led Stendhal to travel a lot, fuelling his passion for Italy and the arts. He published his novel The Red and the Black in 1830, followed by The Charterhouse of Parma in 1839. Both are among the most famous works in 19th century French literature. Stendhal also reflected on the genre of autobiography, which he renewed in Memoirs of an Egotist (1832).

InMemoirs of a tourist (1838), which includes some of his travel stories in France, Stendhal created a traveling character, an iron merchant relating what he saw, for instance when he stopped in Le Havre.