CÉLINE Louis-Ferdinand

Louis-Ferdinand Céline, born Destouches (1894-1961) trained as a doctor. His first novel, Journey to the End of the Night (1932), was soon recognised in the literary world as a major work. He wrote eight novels, including Death on Credit (1936). A dance enthusiast, he also wrote ballet plot outlines, such as Voyou Paul. Brave Virginie in 1937. He published three anti-Semitic pamphlets under German occupation, and decided to flee France in 1944 to find refuge in Denmark. Judged in absentia and later amnestied, he spent the last ten years of his life in Meudon, France, where he wrote until the day before he died. Céline is hailed as one of the major writers in the 20th century for the strength and originality of his works.

Céline’s grandfather on his father’s side taught in Le Havre. His father was born there. Céline mentioned the city, where he liked to spend time, in several of his novels and plays.

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